Your Well-being Journey


This site is a caring and self-care space to support your well-being.  It is a space to help you to look after yourself, for your well-being and happiness. Dip into any of the pages on this site and you will find resources to support your mental health and well-being.

For tips and activities to help manage any sleep issues, which can happen due to the stresses of the current coronavirus period, please visit the sleeping tips page.

The resources on this site are a set of skills to learn, like any other skills you have acquired or sports activities you have taken part in. So, as with any exercise, take it gently. Be kind to yourself, notice what you are experiencing, reflect on what you are feeling. Practise regularly to get the best health benefits for you.

So take a gentle dip into well-being. The explore well-being  page gives you information on all the sections of the site, for you to explore at your leisure. The coping skills page gives you some immediate resources to try out, that can be very helpful in times of stress.

Dip in and explore any of the links on this site that interest you.

MARCH 2020 SITE UPDATE: This site has been updated in March 2020 to help provide support in the current period of uncertainty and rapid changes, to provide psychosocial resilience in the current global coronavirus situation (WHO 2016). Please look at the understanding stress page to gain more information about this update, and the additional dimensions of stress that may negatively impact us at this  challenging time.


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