A focus on Your Well-being.


This site is a caring space to support your well-being.  It is a space to help you focus upon your current needs, to help strengthen and protect your own health and well-being when living in challenging times.

TIPS & SUPPORT: On this site you will find tips and resources to support you. These resources focus upon providing well-being information, specifically for when we may be living in an extended period of challenging times.

CHALLENGING TIMES, ACCUMULATIVE STRESSORS, & EMOTIONAL BURNOUT: Challenging times deliver many stresses, which can build up on top of each other. These may act like a deluge and at times overwhelm us. This situation can be ongoing, which means there appears to be no ending or resolution in sight for these stressors. If there are no cut off points this means stressors are potentially ongoing and continual, which places increasing demands on us. These types of negative cumulative impacts may risk emotional burnout. During challenging times rapid changes may be taking place in our everyday lives, bringing new issues that we have to engage with and try to manage on a daily basis. All of this can be very draining upon our well-being, leading to negative health impacts such as exhaustion.

PROTECTING OUR WELL-BEING IN CHALLENGING TIMES: The resources on this well-being site can support us in these ongoing challenging times, to help protect us from emotional burnout which may be a consequence of the ongoing stressors we are experiencing. This site offers a range of tips to help us keep our balance and replenish us, to help protect our well-being in challenging times.

Explore well-being – click here

The explore well-being  page gives you information on all the sections of the site, for you to explore. The coping skills page gives you some immediate resources to try out, that can be very helpful in times of accumulative stress.

HOW TO explore well-being: The resources on this site are a set of skills to learn, like any other skills you have acquired or sports activities you have taken part in. So, as with any exercise, take it gently. Be kind to yourself. Notice what you are experiencing. Reflect on what you are feeling. Practise regularly to get the best health benefits for you, to help protect your well-being in challenging times.

SUPPORT SITE UPDATE: This well-being site has been designed to help provide psychosocial support in ongoing periods of uncertainty and rapid change. One example of these stems from the global coronavirus situation (WHO 2016). Please look at the understanding stress page to gain more information about the additional dimensions of stress that may negatively impact us during these types of challenging times.

CRISIS SUPPORT: If you are experiencing a crisis, please go to the well-being community support resources page, for 24/7 UK crisis support resources you can immediately access.