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On this page below are the links to all the sections of the site for you to explore for your own well-being 🙂

Understanding Stress gives some resources about stress and how it impacts us, for example, in disrupted sleep. It also outlines some of the specific stresses delivered in the challenging times of the current coronavirus situation.

Coping Skills gives resources to practice and learn coping skills. These are a repertoire of skills to draw upon and immediately use in situations that are stressful and cause us to feel emotionally distressed.

Managing Emotions gives information about understanding strong emotions in challenging times. It presents some resources and activities to help protect us from being overwhelmed in these situations. This can help us to plan positive choices and take any decision-making from a calm centre within any storms we are facing in our lives

Being Kind To Yourself gives information on how we can take care of ourselves in challenging times.

Positive Relationships gives information about building and maintaining positive relationships in challenging times.

Learn Mindfulness gives you information about mindfulness for your health and well-being in challenging times, as well as some foundational activities to strengthen your daily Mindfulness practice.

Resilience gives a brief conceptual model of resilience.

Discover Balance gives some information on practising flexible thinking, to help us keep our balance in these challenging times.

Finding Calm gives information to help us to develop our inner calm, emotional control, perseverance, and a strong sense of self, within challenging times.

Well-being Activities gives a range of activities for you to explore. These draw upon all of the information in this site and build your practise skills. They are designed to strengthen your mental health and well-being in challenging times.

Neuroscience and Well-being contains links to neuroscience research about well-being, all targeted to the information on this site.

Positive Psychology has information on the role and aims of positive psychology in well-being, which we can apply and use in the the current coronavirus situation.

Finding Resilience and Recovery gives brief information about the scientific evidence-based psychological therapies that are designed to address barriers to our well-being stemming from stress and emotional distress in the context of challenging times. It also includes an application of the concept of resilience to this.

About the Well-being Doc  gives more information about this site, and the approaches that underpin its design.

small blueCRISIS SUPPORT: If you are experiencing a crisis, please go to the well-being community support resources page, for 24/7 crisis support resources you can access.

Taking our journey step by step

gold1Like any new exercise, it takes time to familiarise ourselves and use new resources. This might be especially challenging in this current stressful time. For the best results we can try to dip into a page, find something that catches our interest,  familiarise ourselves with the steps in the activity, and then practise it regularly.

Reflecting and responding on our journey. We can keep a journal to reflect on our experiences, as the activities will provide us with rich inner experiences where we learn more about ourselves. We can develop this further, enriching our meaning of these experiences through creative arts activities, or music, or dance, or whatever way we want to. We can look at the activities like a water source, that generates flow. We can respond in any way we want to that flow, bringing it into our lives for replenishment and well-being.